Year after year, The Polish community, whether at home or abroad, gathers together to commemorate the 3rd of May Constitution and to honor all the great minds who took part in the creation of this revolutionary document. They celebrate because the constitution symbolizes the spiritual and moral renovation of the Polish nation after a long period of chaos and disorder. They celebrate because the constitution established a democratic philosophy of humanitarianism and tolerance, including entire liberty to all people. And, most of all, they celebrate because the 3rd of May Constitution is not only a milestone in the Polish political and social history. but it is also a landmark in the European tradition, being the second constitution ever written in the world, and a first on the European soil This home page was created in honor of the authors of the constitution, who through their extraordinary efforts created this document and proved to the world that Poland would not bow under its oppressors and is an honorable, equal and vital state in Europe . It was also designed in appreciation for the leaders of the Polish community in Chicago, who for over one hundred years have consistently organized special events remembering the 3rd of May and preserving their heritage. This page includes information on the historical, social and cultural aspects associated with the creation of the constitution, as well as reports and photographs of the 3rd of May celebrations of the Polish community in Chicago.  

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