Jakub Jasinski came from Wielkopolska. He was educated in the Cadet School in Warsaw. In 1792 during the Russo-Polish war he organized and commanded a corps of engineers in Lithuania. During the Kosciuszko uprising Jasinski had the rank of colonel and commanded a garrison. He was killed on the outskirts of Warsaw in the famous battle in defense of Praga. 

Admired as a soldier and a national hero, Jasinski has been much more difficult to evaluate as a poet. He wrote little, and published even less. His spiritual and poetic master was Voltaire. Some of his witty love songs became very popular. Several of his poems express socially radical attitudes, which led critics to see in him a representative of a Jacobinian current in eighteenth century Polish poetry. His sympathy for revolutionary France as well as revolutionary America also found its way into the poem, "To the Nation" ("Do narodu").

 (From Monumenta Polonica)